Real Instruments are Andrew Voegtline, Erik Martz, and Joey Kantor. Their debut album, An Ocean, was made with real instruments. Joey plays the kalimba, Erik the mouth organ, and Andy sits and thinks for a long time.

Real Instruments are not fake. Why would you suggest such a thing? Does electronic music bother you? Are you frightened by the “machine”? I don’t know, man. I prefer real music. The kind Real Instruments make. If instruments could talk and go to the bathroom. And were people. If you like this kind of music, apply within.

As for An Ocean... tides go in, tides go out. What is real and what is a dream? Two worlds collide, and where do we find ourselves? Players in an orchestra at the bottom of the ocean. Can you even call it music at such depths? Actually, I think I hear something. Yes, it’s getting louder. Should I turn up the bass? Should I lay under the stars on a beach at night? Is this what they call “getting real”?!